Paragliding course

Taste of flight - $199 

(Student/military/group discounts available)

Ever wonder what it's like to fly like a bird? Here's your chance to find out! Our "taste of flight" course involves about 30 minutes of ground school. In this, you will learn how we are able to fly, the gear we use to do it, and everything else you need to know to soar! This is a very casual "school", where we will just be meeting at the bottom of the hill. After we are confident, and you are confident, you will learn how to launch, fly, and land the wing. We go at your own pace for both aspects of the course.


The first "intro" class is 2 hours. If you are good at listening to instructions, you can expect to get airbourne your last few flights! 95 percent of students are able to get in the air the first class. HD video and pictures of all your flights are included in the price. They will be presented to you as raw files, so you can do whatever you want with them in the future! 

P-2 license program

Taste of flight not enough? This 7-10 day course will get you all the training you need to get your USHPA certified P-2 paragliding license. That allows you to fly most sites around the world. If you have taken the taste of flight course already, that is applied towards this course. Either way, get ready to spend some quality time with us. You will learn everything from the basics of launching, to catching thermals!


All gear, reading material, training, and USHPA membership is provided. Once you have completed this course, we will help you find the right gear for you so you can continue flying on your own! 

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