Paragliding course

Taste of flight - $199 

Ever wonder what it's like to fly like a bird? Here's your chance to find out! Our "taste of flight" course is a half day class where an absolute beginner can learn the basics of flight. First step is a ground school session. In this, you will learn how we are able to fly, the gear we use to do it, and everything else you need to know to soar! After we are confident you understand the material, and you are confident, you will learn how to launch, fly, and land the wing. We go at your own pace for both aspects of the course.


The first "intro" class is 2 to 2 1/2 hours. If you are good at listening to instructions, you can expect to get airbourne your last few launches! 95 percent of students are able to get in the air the first class. We use hand towing (like the first video) in higher wind, and bicycle or scooter winch towing in lower winds (middle video).


This is a pretty physical activity for people and can be difficult for people who aren't used to an active lifestyle. For most people it's very simple and easy to pick up, but please have realistic expectations of your own abilities! 

P-2 license program

Taste of flight not enough? This 7-10 day course will get you all the training you need to get your USHPA certified

P-2 paragliding license. This is a novice rating, and gives you access to many flying sites around the world. Most of the best sites require at least a P2 license to fly there (some require a P3 or P4). After you get your P2 and own gear, you are more than welcome to keep flying with us to gain experience for your P3 and P4. The bottom video is a local site 2 hours east of Pittsburgh. It is where you will do your qualifying mountain flight for your license!


If you have taken the taste of flight course already, that is applied towards this course. Also, if you have had training with other schools, we will work with you on the P2 course price. We can also provide proof of training if you need to transfer to other schools as well!


All gear, reading material, training, and USHPA temporary membership is provided. (You will need to be a full USHPA member once you get your P2 to keep the rating.) Once you have completed this course, we will help you find the right gear for you so you can continue flying on your own! Unlike most schools, we do not charge a comission on gear to make additional money off students.

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