Parasailing flights

Skyscraper flight-$199

(Call or email us for our $99 end-of-season special and $75/person group deal)

Paragliding not for you? Try parasailing! It's the easier, faster, and cheaper way to get in the air. While you won't be your own pilot, you still get to experience what it feels like to go weightless! 


We fly on the rivers of Pittsburgh. Which means the absolute best parasailing views in the country (we think so, at least.) Forget the tourist trap letdown that is Mt. Washington. Come and see the skyscrapers from a totally unique view!


You will be strapped in our very comfortable and safe harness. Our professional staff will get you all hooked up. Then, sit on our awesome para-tube, and away we go. You will *hopefully* not get too wet during this experience. You will get in and out of the tube, and shouldn't have to step foot in the water. See the video to the right to see how it works!


We provide HD video from our action cam, including pictures from that video. You're more than welcome to have a friend come on the boat to take pictures. We charge $20 for boat ride-alongs.

   To fly, you must: